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Aluminium loading rails

The right loading rail for every application!
BUTT loading rails impress with their Made in Germany quality, quality from experience and quality assurance with safety test seal.

We also offer an excellent cost-benefit ratio. BUTT loading rails can be used as fixed or foldable single-piece access ramps.

Two individual aluminium rails can also be placed at an appropriate distance from one another so as to be able to transport goods with two-wheel transport vehicles.

Whether a continuous aluminium ramp for use with different vehicles or two light aluminium rails with edge, BUTT offers an amazing variety of applications for every loading situation.

What’s important!

  • Experience, optimal cost-benefit ratio, safety. Products are GS-tested and comply with the guidelines of the trade association.
  • The load capacity values specified on this website refer to two-axle vehicles with an axle load distribution of 40% to 60%.
  • For single-axle vehicles, the load capacity is reduced to 60% of the specified value. All load capacities are calculated with a safety factor of 2.1.