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Dock levellers with telescopic lip

BUTT dock leveller with telescopic lip have extreme load reserves due to their robust steel construction and tried-and-tested hydraulic system with two lifting cylinders. The arrangement of the substructure in a longitudinal direction ensures considerable torsional stability with one-sided loads.

The dock leveller with telescopic lip can even cope with emergency situations (such as a truck driving away during loading) via the two lifting cylinders. In such situations, the emergency stop valve will respond immediately.

‘We are very satisfied with the execution of the order – starting with the first coordination consultations right through to delivery of the system and the assembly work – and more generally, with the design as well as the quality of the entire system.’ DB Schenker


Customised dimensions

Very robust steel construction

Two hydraulic cylinders

Replacement of your old dock leveller

Insulated version for reduced energy losses


Dock leveller with telescopic lip in steel support frame

The ideal solution for a dock leveller retrofit in front of an existing ramp.

20 t load capacity

If you need particularly high load capacities, such as those needed in the paper industry, we have the right model for you.

Combi control box, dock leveller with telescopic lip/door

Whether combined control for dock leveller with telescopic lip and door or even integrated safety components. Anything is possible.

Insulated loading point

If you have particularly high demands on thermal insulation, we can insulate your loading point with a leading sectional door.

Leading sectional door

The insulated loading point with leading sectional door. Guided up to yard level or, as here, up to an insulated panel under the dock leveller with telescopic lip.

No energy loss due to step installation

Dock directly to your ramp with the trailer closed to avoid unnecessary exchange of air. The doors swing over the lowered ramp.

Anti-slip coating/hot-dip galvanising

The non-slip corundum coating also serves as noise insulation, both hot-dip galvanised and painted versions are possible.

Loading system

Complete loading system consisting of dock levellers with telescopic lip with underride for tail lifts of type HV2520-6, dock shelters and insulated sectional doors.