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Technical data

Modernisation / replacement of dock leveller

Ageing levellers pose an elevated risk to personnel and machinery. In addition, the new leveller models are equipped with considerably more convenience (e.g. new telescopic lip instead of old swing lip). In order to upgrade these outdated ramps with tried-and-tested BUTT products, BUTT has specialised in the cost-effective replacement of old, irreparable dock levellers.

Even third-party products can be easily replaced from a single source using electro-hydraulic dock levellers with telescopic lip from BUTT.

We take the very different dimensions of existing pits into account, our trained personnel then design a precise-fitting dock leveller customised to your requirements. It is a pre-fabricated system, so there is no lengthy dismantling or assembly work. Your yard ramp can be used again immediately – this saves time and money.

We can also dispose of your old dock leveller on request. We can also replace your old dock and dock shelter. Cost-effective, fast and everything from a single source.