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BUTT GmbH – yard ramps & industrial doors

Driving safety

Simple and very effective solution to prevent 'drive-away accidents' at the loading ramp! Both the vehicle is blocked by means of a wheel chock on both sides and the driver's door is locked with the stop sign!

Minimise the risk of accidents!

Accidents, some of them serious, repeatedly occur during the loading and unloading of HGVs because vehicles are inadequately secured against rolling, or not secured at all. An electronic wheel chock system with integrated forced control from BUTT rectifies this situation and makes loading and unloading safe. The Employer's Liability Insurance Association stipulates that the vehicles at the loading point must be secured against rolling away. In practical terms, most drivers consider an applied handbrake to mean that their duty has been fulfilled. For support, a simple wheel chock is sometimes placed in front of a wheel, which means that rolling away is not normally possible.

However, there is a great risk to the forklift truck carrying out the loading or unloading if the driver of the HGV considers operations to be complete, removes the wheel chock and drives away, even though a pallet might still be being driven in. In this case, the forklift truck including the driver will fall into the resulting gap between the HGV and yard ramp. In addition to material damage, these accidents usually result in serious injury to the forklift driver.