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Gap sealing

Reliable protection against rodents and insects.

Stop! Rats, mice and other rodents can cause considerable damage. With a gap seal from BUTT, you can reliably keep pests, vermin and even fine dust out. Conventional sealing systems are quickly damaged by scuff marks and do not maintain a permanent seal. Seals from BUTT can be adapted without gaps and have reliable bite protection. This seal is an impenetrable barrier to large and small rodents and provides long-lasting protection.

The system is extremely easy to install: The seal is held in place by a strong magnetic strip on any magnetic surface, eliminating the need for drilling, nails or screws. Adapters are available for other materials. The length of the rodent stop is cut exactly to size. The material is both flexible and robust. Gap sealing protects against draughts, saves energy and is good for CO2 balance! The seal can be cleaned easily with a water jet.

Perfect for sealing your dock levellers: BUTT gap seals are an ideal solution – and not only where hygiene is important.