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Loading scissor lifts

BUTT has now completed the standardisation of its assembly production for loading and compact lifting tables, thus assuring its customers the fastest delivery times.

Not only has the price level been kept largely the same, but quality and safety have been further improved. This applies in particular to the optimised and maintenance-free roller bearings.

Dispensing with inexpensive bush bearings means a significantly longer service life and a higher degree of utilisation. The self-supporting base frame of the lifting table can dispense with subsequent underpouring and offers a high quality with its torsion-resistant frame construction.

The scissor arms are mainly supplied by as full scissor arms and not as frame profiles, which in turn makes the lifting table more stable and robust.

Freely adjustable limit switches offer the operator more flexibility and enable him to use the lifting table universally in its effective stroke. The maintenance supports are designed for the respective maximum load capacity. The complete installation package, which includes dowels, adjusting screws, shims, etc. is included in the price.

The lifting table is ready for connection via CEE plug and is delivered ready for installation. It goes without saying that all requisite European, safety regulations are complied with.


Customised heights

Different versions of vehicle-side loading bridges

Powered hydraulically

Lifting tables running in the shaft

Lifting tables for the transport of cars

High stability in extended position during loading and unloading

High load capacities up to 100 t and more

Complete assembly package

Ready for connection via CEE plug

Ready for installation


Run-over capability with 15 tonne axle load in lowered state

Platform control via plug-in railing with mechanical operating buttons or fixed railing with up/down button

Additional buttons possible, also as flush-mounted switch in the building wall

Important information: Our lifting tables comply with the most recent EN standard of 1 May 2012. This applies in particular to fall protection devices. In the case of tables that do not comply with these new standards, the operator is also liable in the event of damage.