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MBD mobile
dock leveller

The three-part, MBD mobile dock leveller from BUTT also compensates for large height differences between HGV and ramp and can be used flexibly. The first advantage of this clever design is its three part design. This allows for extremely space-saving storage when not in use, but also very versatile and flexible use.

If there are particularly large differences in height between the ramp and HGV, the MBD can overcome them. With height difference of minimum 25 to maximum 50 cm, it is an ideal solution. Changing locations are no obstacle – fixed forklift openings ensure easy transport of the MBD by forklift truck.

Technical data

Type Length L (mm) Width W (mm) Height difference H (mm) Height difference H (mm) Load capacity (kp/unit) Weight (kg/unit)
MBD  4.080  1.500 250 500 4000  393
MBD  4.080  1.750 250 500 4000  332
MBD  4.080  2.000 250 500 4000  372