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ALU 60 mm

The innovative, highly insulating sectional door
The aluminium 60 mm sectional door is modern and innovative and is characterised by its form, function and easy installation. The aluminium sectional door with 60 mm construction thickness is supplied with triple glazing as standard and guarantees excellent thermal and sound insulation whilst also preventing condensation. Ideal in areas where light, visibility and a constant room climate are important.

Special insulation profiles
The aluminium 60 door is one and a half times thicker than an aluminium 40 door and is constructed from two aluminium profiles which are thermally separated by special insulation profiles. Consequently, the door has a very low U value, even when using window elements. The aluminium 60 mm sectional door is particularly suitable for industrial environments where light is essential, but where good insulation and optimal energy efficiency are also important.


Outstanding in form, function and ease of assembly

With triple glazing as standard

Very low U value