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Maximum transparency, without vertical intermediate struts
The panorama door is an aluminium door, which is available as a 40 mm or 60 mm version, depending on your requirements. What is unusual about this door is that the sections have no vertical intermediate struts, which makes a wide glass view possible. The high-quality plexiglass is particularly strong and thick, deforms very little and looks like real glass, even though it is plastic. This ensures a natural reflection in the window areas, and an attractive appearance.

Plexiglass Optical
The panorama door is available in a maximum width of 4000 mm and a maximum height of 4500 mm. The panoramic door comes into its own perfectly in environments where an attractive building appearance building is important, as well as light and visibility in the hall. The ‘Plexiglass Optical’ is characterised by its real-glass appearance, while at the same time offering the safety of plastic. The Plexiglass optical discs are available as 20 mm double discs.


Extra strong plexiglass

A beautiful, door-wide glass statue

Plastic glazing for optimal safety