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BK type centre axle ramp
for front loading

The BUTT type series with centre axis for straight loading is the classic solution for loading and unloading of HGVs/containers and supports your logistic tasks precisely at every operating height. Easy handling of the BK models helps to optimise your logistics process.

In addition to the standard versions, BUTT can also develop and produce versions that are customised to your requirements

The benefit for you:

  • Optimal movement of the ramp with centrally located floating axle with low shunting requirement

Technical data

BK 912 Total load capacity 9,000 kg. For the use of diesel and gas-powered forklift trucks or battery-powered trucks of new design.
BK 713 / BK 715 Suitable for battery-powered forklift trucks to minimise the loss of battery power due to the favourable incline angle.*

Type Load capacity a: Total length Total width Drive width Lip width Lip length b c(min.-max.)
BK 912 9.000 kg 11.800 mm  2.300 mm  1.960 mm  2.140 mm  400 mm  2.500 mm  1.100- 1.750 mm
BK 713 7.000 kg  12.800 mm  2.300 mm  1.960 mm  2,140 mm  400 mm  3.500 mm  1.100-1.750 mm
BK 715 7.000 kg 14.900 mm 2.300 mm 1.960 mm 2.140 mm 400 mm 3.500 mm 1.100- 1.750 mm