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Trailer supports

BUTT trailer supports secure trailers during loading and unloading. The new Trailer Jack from BUTT makes a valuable contribution to enhanced safety when loading and unloading semi-trailers and swap bodies. The telescopic loading support prevents unhitched semi-trailers from tipping over when driven over by industrial trucks or in the event of load changes. Like a third leg, the support is positioned under the front edge or suspension area of the semi-trailer or swap body.

Trade associations require additional support equipment to be in place when loading and unloading semi-trailers.


Simple handling

Enormous load capacity of the steel construction (30 tonnes)

Simple, fast positioning

Compact design

Ball-bearing-mounted head plate


Trailer trestle

Trailer support

Type: TS 30

Trailer support

Type: TS 1

Trailer support

Type: TS 2

Trailer support

Type: TS 3