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Unbeatable quality

If you cannot afford or do not want to renew or replace your dock levellers every few years, you have come to the right place. Instead of cheap, we deliver quality at a fair price.

We use high-quality materials and components. For our dock leveller substructure, we generally use strong IPE steel girders and not folded sheets. We always use two hydraulic lifting cylinders. Our hydraulic power packs are mounted carefully onto the fixed frame and not on the platform where they are permanently exposed to vibrations.

We also use impact-resistant paint. Our constructions effortlessly withstand years of extreme loads, even in continuous and shift operation involving heavy loads.

Do you want XXL stability made to measure? No problem, our production team can also build yard ramps adapted to your existing conditions, including with particularly high load capacity!

DIN EN 1090

Quality assurance

Our products pass through a specially developed quality assurance system to ensure consistently high quality! We also document this on every product with our ‘seal of quality’!

This BUTT quality assurance system is constantly being expanded, adapted to the circumstances and improved.

That this system also works and is effective is proven by the stability and success of our company for more than 40 years. And not least because of this, BUTT products are synonymous with quality!

Our quality assurance system is also certified by ZDH Zert in accordance with the DIN EN 1090 standard. The standard confirms that BUTT GmbH implements a quality management system that satisfies the corresponding requirements. It thus also satisfies the latest developments in quality management.

And of course, we manufacture in accordance with all statutory provisions and regulations, such as the EC Machinery Directive and Accident Prevention Regulations, plus our products bear the CE mark.